We are determined to achieve our strategic objectives and goals.

Reeve Ho

Managing Director

Mr Reeve Ho has been leading the company since 2015, managing all its subsidiaries.

He founded SG Global Holdings with the intention of bridging local SMEs with global networks, helping them with expansion and growth.

In 2019, he successfully propelled MScents Pte Ltd onto global markets, covering various Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Under Mr Reeve Ho’s leadership, the Group has recorded robust and sustained growth year-on-year.

Reeve Ho Portrait

Shawn Zhang

Group Executive Director

Mr Shawn Zhang is currently the Group Executive Director of SG Global Holdings.

He is also the founder of Asther Trading and Asther Medical Supplies, a subsidiary under SG Global Holdings.

Through his generous donation of more than $300,000 worth of medical equipment, he contributed to Singapore’s pandemic operations and became one of the most prominent medical equipment supplier in Singapore.

Prior to this, he has extensive experience in various sectors ranging from finance to business, and was also the recipient for ’Singapore’s Prominent Young Entrepreneur Award’ in 2016.

Shawn Zhang Portrait

Magdalene Ang

Executive Director

Besides her position as the Executive Director of SG Global Holdings, Miss Magdelene Ang is also the co-founder of MScents Pte Ltd.

Exposure to business during her teenage days played an important role in her journey to become a successful female entrepreneur.  

Realizing a high demand for affordable and quality fragrance among consumers in Asia, it motivated her to start MScents in 2017.

In 2020, MScents grew into a full-fledge fragrance house, producing some of the most beautiful and exotic fragrances, whilst maintaining a high level of quality standards within the personal wellness sector.

In 2022, Miss Magdalene Ang was awarded the ‘SME Excellence Business Award & Aspiring Women Entrepreneur Award 2022/2023’.

Mike Yang

Group General Manager

Mr Mike Yang is currently the Group General Manager of SG Global Holdings Pte Ltd, a position he held since March 2022.

Prior to the that, he was the Sales Director of SG Global Holdings Pte Ltd as well as General Manager of subsidiary, Asther Medical Pte Ltd.

Mr Yang was also the co-founder of subsidiary, MScents Pte Ltd back in 2017, which was later merged under SG Global Holdings Pte Ltd.

Mr Yang also oversaw the acquisition of Starkguard Holdings, later known as SG Learning & Training Pte Ltd, which focus on adult learning and training.

Post pandemic, the group went through a restructuring, acquiring few other subsidiaries to strengthen its overall business offerings.

During the last 5 years, Mr Yang has also assisted to bring MScents Pte Ltd to Cambodia, as well as setting up the group’s office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mike Yang Portrait Shot

Frank Gao 高邱

Greater China Executive Director





Frank Gao Portrait

Managing Director's Message

SG Global Holdings act as a bridge connecting SMEs in Singapore to export their products and services globally, as well as bringing in investments worldwide into Singapore.

Since establishment, we have successfully helped build several brands, where they’ve gained worldwide recognition.

We are currently helping more local SMEs with branding building efforts and revenue growth, so that they could establish themselves with the distinguished identity of ‘Made in Singapore’ and effectively compete in the global marketplace.

To spur new revenue growth, we have continually undertook research and development efforts involving our subsidiaries in the areas of chemicals, disposables and fragrances.

One such successful example is MScents Pte Ltd – a company that specialises in aroma health and diffusing systems, which has gained strong market foothold in several Southeast Asian countries, in just a few short years under SG Global Holdings.

Looking ahead, our company aims to continue connecting Singapore with the rest of the world, establishing global recognition for local brands by continuing our investments and activities as a forward thinking holding company.

Reeve Ho

About Us

SG Global Holdings (SGGH) is a holding company comprised of various subsidiaries, with a strong network and presence across Asia.

The Group’s diversified portfolio are centred around an ecosystem of subsidiaries and brands – Primarily a key enabler in holistic solutions and premium services in various sectors.